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International and local
The fastener and reinforcement business often tends to fall into the old, accustomed ways. However, we have decided to be a forerunner both in Finland and at an international level. Our great asset, compared to our competitors, are custom-made products.
Being from Finland is important especially to those customers that are Finnish family businesses themselves. Being Finnish and having a long history also signifies permanence and stability. Those chasing after the cheapest price do not even realize that the service provider may not even exist after a while.
We at Pintos find it important to know our roots and participate in supporting the community and local culture in Southwest Finland. Supporting youth athletics and other sports is especially close to our hearts. Committed staff is also important to us, and our employment relationships are usually long.
Commitment to the circular economy
Pintos’ factories are doing well regarding energy conservation, utilization of waste heat and recycling, among other things. For example, the buildings’ heating energy is produced with Finnish woodchips and the compressors’ waste heat is used for drying raw materials.
We also take care of the producer responsibility of the packaging and pallets we use in accordance with our agreement with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd. RINKI and its producer organizations have arranged the recycling of cardboard, metal, plastic and wood packaging on our behalf.
Technology first towards better responsibility
Laws and regulations set certain environmental requirements for our operations, but our goal is to exceed these recommendations. With the development of technology, we can continuously take small steps towards improvement. When making investments, Pintos also takes into consideration how we can better utilize raw materials or diminish the environmental impact resulting from production and logistics. This also benefits our customers. Responsible business always looks beyond the next day.

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