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In large projects, it’s the details that count. The intelligent Pintos reinforcement and fastening solutions as well as the comprehensive product selection make working more efficient, high-quality and safe. The best possible deliverability brought by decades of experience, the continuous development and the understanding of the everyday challenges of our customers help us serve the various areas of concrete building work and create a more versatile future for building work together with our clients.
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Best possible deliverability and Finland’s most comprehensive selection
Pintos is the leading expert in reinforcements, installation products and fastenings. Our high-quality reinforcement and fastening product range, which is the most comprehensive in Finland, is continuously developing, and best possible deliverability is at the core of our service. We can supply everything you need, at a guaranteed competitive price. Our production and storage capacity ensure that you will receive our high-quality products, which comply with Finnish regulations, on time.

The requirements set for the building industry continuously evolve, and we must evolve along with them towards more responsible, safe and versatile building solutions together with our clients. We have been determined to broaden our reinforcement and wood construction fastening range, and have updated the expertise of our sales people to match our broader range of products.

The seasoned experts here at Pintos can also provide you with more detailed information about the products you sell. We know our selection thoroughly, and are also able to suggest new products to broaden your own selection. This way, you can offer your clients high-quality products, as well as real and up-to-date expertise.

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Other Pintos-solutions for hardware stores
Tuotekaruselli (uutuustuotteita rautakauppoihin)
New products for hardware stores
Concrete screw, zinc plated
Woodscrew elgalv in
Rebar safety cap
Tuotekaruselli (suosituimmat tuotteet rautakaupoille)
Most popular products for hardware stores
Spacer with base plate
Frame steel support
Floor and bridge spacer
Marking plate system
Aluminium nail
Carrier mesh for plaster and render finishes
Threshold protector
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Do you require a solution that we have not thought of offering yet?
Check out our selection at the Store or contact our sales. Our comprehensive selection and the reinforcement solutions in accordance with your designs are easy to order dependably and tailored to your needs.

Pintos Store
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