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Alasivujen tabit
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Quality responsibility
Every one of our employees is responsible for the quality of our products and activities. We are committed to fulfilling the requirements set by our customers, laws and regulations.
We invest in high-quality raw materials, current technology and highly skilled personnel. The high on-time-delivery rate describes our success. We also constantly measure our development in producing quality using other metrics.
Environmental responsibility
We at Pintos believe that high-quality and efficient operations also minimise our environmental impact. Efficient use of energy and materials is not only reflected on the environment, but also on our customers. A large share of the raw materials we use is recycled and our products and packaging are almost fully recyclable.
We acknowledge the environmental impacts of our operations and measure and analyse them, in addition to regularly reporting them to environmental authorities. We adhere to current environmental legislation and regulations and continually monitor their development. Our environmental work is based on continuous improvement.
All of our properties are heated using Finnish bioenergy. We offer our customers product solutions that protect the environment, such as steel reinforcement components that reduce material usage.
Financial responsibility
Financial responsibility is the foundation for the other responsibility areas. A responsible company protects its profitability and competitive advantage, so that it can actively create value also on the long-term.
In addition to being profitable, financial responsibility is also associated with risk management and governance practices: it is about achieving good results using responsible methods.
Our financial impacts are significant to our stakeholders and society.
Social responsibility
We take care of our employees, customers, subcontractors and the society around us. Motivated and constantly developing employees with a high level of well-being is our company’s most valuable resource.
We encourage our employees to exercise by offering various benefits. We provide support for a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking.
We provide wide-ranging support to local sports teams and other associations. Children and youth sporting activities are especially dear to our hearts.
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