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Pintos thinks firmly and acts firmly
Keeping promises and punctual reliability of delivery are the foundation of our operations. Advancement also requires forward thinking. This is why we want to, on one hand, offer familiar products dependably and inexpensively and, on the other hand, challenge the accustomed habits if something better is available. Pintos thinks firmly and acts firmly.

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Building Finland for over 60 years
Pintos Oy was founded in 1956. In these more than 60 years, Finland has been built many times over. Finland saw the reconstruction after the war in the 50s, the urbanization of the 60s and 70s and now the increasingly large growth centers. Each time Finland was built, it was done with the best knowledge of the time – and we have learned from each time.
Today, Pintos is ready to work towards a new era of construction. Our large selection, flexible deliveries and smart production will continue the story of smart construction towards future decades. Faster, more efficient, more affordable and more environmentally friendly – whether you need a single nail or a consultative overall solution of reinforcement.
Ympäristö ja yhteiskuntavastuu
Me Pintoksella ajattelemme, että laadukas ja tehokas toiminta minimoi myös ympäristökuormituksen – niin omamme kuin asiakkaammekin. Suuri osa käyttämistämme raaka-aineista on kierrätettyä ja tuotteemme pakkauksineen ovat lähes täysin kierrätettäviä.

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