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In large projects, it’s the details that count. The intelligent Pintos reinforcement and fastening solutions as well as the comprehensive product selection make working more efficient, high-quality and safe. The best possible deliverability brought by decades of experience, the continuous development and the understanding of the everyday challenges of our customers help us serve the various areas of concrete building work and create a more versatile future for building work together with our clients.
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We help you build
A builder needs to have the right product at the right location at the right moment. We know our wide range of products and can look for the right methods to support your building work. This is, however, not enough and we are continuously developing new and better solutions, which will make the building work of tomorrow more safe, valuable and responsible.

Small savings will accumulate into big ones during a building project, and, for example, replacing standard sized mesh with our pre-optimized products saves time and money and is kinder to the environment. Our expertise supports the builder during all phases of the project, from the drawing board to the worksite. We have widened our selection to answer to the needs of building projects of all sizes, so you are able to get all your reinforcement supplies and wood building fastenings from the same place.

Our most important competitive advantage is deliverability. Thanks to our expertise and wide selection, we can offer the best solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our production and storage capacity enable us to deliver products on time both for a precise individual need as well as for large projects.

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Other Pintos-solutions for construction companies
Tuotekaruselli (uutuustuotteita rakennusliikkeille)
New products for construction companies
Concrete screw, zinc plated
Woodscrew elgalv in
Tuotekaruselli (suosituimmat tuotteet rakennusliikkeille)
Most popular products for construction companies
Element mounting pad for heavy elements ri (Big)
Binding wire
Linear spacer zigzag (Limited availability)
Service penetration for hollow core slab floor
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Do you require a solution that we have not thought of offering yet?
Check out our selection at the Store or contact our sales. Our comprehensive selection and the reinforcement solutions in accordance with your designs are easy to order dependably and tailored to your needs.

Pintos Store
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