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Solutions with an iron grip

The ability to offer solutions tailored to the customer’s needs is what separates an expert from a supplier. During its decades of operation, Pintos has developed its production and delivery capacity to be among the best in the country but has also created an ability to solve the customer’s problems with its expertise, own product development and wide selection. Pintos works beyond the surface at construction sites and in the precast industry, doing its part to carry the whole industry forward.
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Supporting you from the drawing table to the worksite
Pintos has developed into the leading mesh manufacturer in Finland by believing in continuous development and Finnish quality and values, and by offering its expertise to support the builder in all stages from the drawing table to the worksite.
New materials and methods make promises of more efficient construction, but how do you avoid the risks of trying new things and keep the project clear and safe? You need a partner with a desire for renewal but who has the basics covered. A wide selection but deep knowledge of the features of its products. The ability to make both individual customizations and large, punctual deliveries.

How do I ensure punctual deliveries?
Reliability of delivery is our key phrase. When the production and storage capacities are sufficient, your worksite will also stay in motion. How would you like tailored reinforcements in the order that your worksite requires them?

Who can I call and ask?
It is nicer to do business with a familiar person than a switchboard. Even though Pintos has the muscles of a large company, we are as easy to approach as a smaller operator. It would be an honor to be stored in your phone contacts!

How could this be done faster?
Small optimizations grow into large savings – in large construction projects, you can save up to days of work. This is why new methods do not usually remain as trials.

Too much steel loss
By replacing standard-sized meshes with optimized products, you can make do with up to 5–10% less steel – not to mention the time you will save. Your budget, environment and customers will thank you for switching to lean production.

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Other Pintos-solutions for construction companies
Tuotekaruselli (uutuustuotteita rakennusliikkeille)
New products for construction companies
Concrete screw, zinc plated
Woodscrew elgalv in
Safety Profile
Tuotekaruselli (suosituimmat tuotteet rakennusliikkeille)
Most popular products for construction companies
Element mounting pad for heavy elements ri (Big)
Binding wire
Linear spacer zigzag
Service penetration for hollow core slab floor
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Do you require a solution that we have not thought of offering yet?
Check out our selection at the Store or contact our sales. Our comprehensive selection and the reinforcement solutions in accordance with your designs are easy to order dependably and tailored to your needs.

Pintos Store
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Pysäkintie 12
27510 EURA
Phone (02) 838 5200
Fax (02) 865 1755

Yrittäjäntie 9
27230 LAPPI
Phone (02) 838 5200

Jonkankatu 4
20360 Turku
Phone (02) 838 5200