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In large projects, it’s the details that count. The intelligent Pintos reinforcement and fastening solutions as well as the comprehensive product selection make working more efficient, high-quality and safe. The best possible deliverability brought by decades of experience, the continuous development and the understanding of the everyday challenges of our customers help us serve the various areas of concrete building work and create a more versatile future for building work together with our clients.
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PINTOS - Reinforcements, mesh, support and safety
The element industry requires strong know-how you can trust. Pintos solutions improve the quality, efficiency and safety of work. At the core of everything are product knowledge and deliverability. Thanks to our customer-oriented service, your delivery will be on time and tailored to your needs.

We truly know our products and our customers, and that is why we can offer the right solutions at the right time. Efficiency is increased as working methods that save time and effort are combined with just the right material choices. Thanks to reinforcement components that have already been tailored for formwork, there is no need to process the mesh at the factory or production facility. This not only makes for a more effective work flow, but also decreases the risk of accidents. Thanks to the tailored mesh, there is also less wasted steel.

From the wide selection of Pintos cast concrete accessories, you can quickly, easily and reliably order high-quality spacers, precast recesses, formwork accessories and other products necessary for element production. Our selection also includes easily mounted lifting lugs, which have been extremely popular among our customers.

Tuotekaruselli (uutuustuotteita teollisuudelle)
New products for the industry
Chamfered moulding
Tuotekaruselli (suosituimmat tuotteet teollisuudelle)
Most popular products for the industry
Double ring spacer
Binding wire
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Do you require a solution that we have not thought of offering yet?
Check out our selection at the Store or contact our sales. Our comprehensive selection and the reinforcement solutions in accordance with your designs are easy to order dependably and tailored to your needs.

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